Bratbat is a desert type invizimal that appears in Invizimals and Invizimals: The Lost Tribes. It is a tertiary antagonist in all three games.


Bratbat makes a significant appearance in-game since it is the invizimal of choice for Sebastian Campbell. When battling Campbell in the Viper's Nest after having defeated Axel Kaminsky, Campbell will reveal his true colours and battle you with a level 12 mutant Bratbat.

Invizimals: Shadow Zone and The Lost TribesEdit

Although Bratbat is not available in Shadow Zone, his dark variant is, and it serves as the invizimal of choice for Sebastian Campbell when he battles you at the Stonehenge shadow gate, after a corrupted Bob Dawson is unable to do the trick.

Both the light and dark version of Bratbat appear in The Lost Tribes. Campbell will use the Dark Bratbat alongside the Dark Rattleraptor.

How to catchEdit

Bratbat must be caught by surprise and startled a few times in order to be caught. If Bratbat sees you, he will immediately escape, so hide behind cover so that Bratbat can't see you.

When Bratbat has his back turned, get behind him and make a loud noise. This will startle him and partially fill up the progress bar.

When the progress bar is full, Bratbat is captured.

Level 1 statsEdit

Life: 120

Stamina: 140

Stamina recovery: 5

Attack: 13

Armour: 0

Statistical analysisEdit

Bratbat is a very offensively oriented creature. His base 140 stamina and base 13 attack are both wonderful numbers that allow Bratbat to be a dangerous opponent that can stay on the offensive for a good amount of time.

Unfortunately, Bratbat doesn't have many defensive merits to speak of. His base 0 armour is a glaring weakness, while his base 5 stamina recovery is a painful negative that will make Bratbat a lot weaker overall. His base 120 life, while not bad, is the only aspect of Bratbat's defensive traits that aren't bad, not counting his good stamina threshold.

Should one not need the extra health provided, Bratbat is outclassed by Zaphyra.