Shenlog is a boss Invizimal found in Invizimals: Shadow Zone and Invizimals: The Lost Tribes. Shenlong is an Ocean Type.


In ancient China, Shenlong was the powerful emperor while the great wall as being built. He told the builders to put a tomb for him inside for when he died. When he did die his spirit was caught in a jar and kept in the tomb with his body. A guardian was sent there to protect him.

Invizimals: Shadow ZoneEdit

In Shadow Zone, Shenlong was reborn as an Invizimal, and resides in the Emperor's Tomb. To get there, the player must first have completed Jazmin's quests in India and Sri Lanka. Upon arriving there, the player must first get a pup and Max form of Xiong Mao, Qinling, and Glaucus. Then, the player can enter a tournament. If the player wins, the guardian grants access to the tomb and the ability to capture Shenlong.

Shenlong is the simplest of the legendary Invizimals to capture. To capture Shenlong, simply shoot all six energy orbs on his body. This proves harder in practice, since Shenlong is constantly moving (and becomes faster as he loses orbs) and firing at the player's screen. If the player runs out of time or is hit thrice by Shenlong, Shenlong will escape.

Shenlong has the following base stats:

Life: 160

Stamina: 100

Sta. Recovery: 6

Attack: 14

Armour: 0

Due to Shenlong's poor stamina and armour stats, dodging attacks and wisely managing stamina levels are paramount to success with Shenlong in battle. The best way to make Shenlong as powerful as possible is to increase life and attack. Shenlong is similar to Glaucus in the sense that Shenlong has a lot of life as well as boosted stamina recovery and attack, but little in the way of armour and stamina. Shenlong's Ocean typing is very useful as it makes Shenlong recover from Smash Hit!, a vector very commonly used in Dark Invizimal tournaments.