Tunderwulfe is a ice type Invizimal that appears in Invizimals.

How to catchEdit

Tunderwulfe is constantly trying to reach the player and attack. Should the Tunderwulfe attack the player, Tunderwulfe escapes.

Tunderwulfe can be blown back by the player by using the camera microphone. While he is getting blown back, Tunderwulfe will lose health. However, after a second or so, Tunderwulfe will stick a claw into the ground and will stop losing health for the remaining duration of the user's blow.

The keys to catching Tunderwulfe are to always blow at him when his claw isn't stuck in the ground, and to lay off of Tunderwulfe when he sticks his claw in the ground. Doing those with succession should ensure an easy capture.

Notable appearancesEdit

Tunderwulfe makes two distinct appearances in Invizimals. A trainer can be battled in the Berlin club that uses a Tunderwulfe Colt, while Axel Kaminsky uses a mutant Tunderwulfe Max in the battle at the Viper's Nest.

Level 1 statsEdit

Life: 100

Stamina: 120

Stamina Recovery: 8

Attack: 13

Armour: 0

Statistical AnalysisEdit

Tunderwulfe is very frail; he has almost no defensive merit thanks to his low base life and armour stats. However, Tunderwulfe channels all of his strengths into offense. His attack and stamina recovery are very high, while his stamina is slightly elevated.

Users should try to boost Tunderwulfe's attack and stamina recovery heavily, while not boosting his armour or life very much, if at all. Tunderwulfe is a very poor choice should the user value a defensive playstyle revolving around good life and amour stats. Offense oriented players that try to win through dealing massive amounts of damage in short order should try Tunderwulfe out due to how powerful he is offensively.